Tuesday, January 27, 2009

timeline: 475 BC & 475 AD

475 AD

-The five central parishes of St John, St Lawrence, St Mary, St Peter and St Saviour were created and all have biblical dedications.
-The earliest written record of Port of Incheon.

-Aryabhata is the first well known Indian mathematician.
-India's invention of decimal system of enumeration.
-the Chinese invented the stirrup enabling soldiers on horseback to sit securely in the saddle and attack enemies with swords and lances.

-Ricimer rules as patrician under Leo in Constantinople.
-Euric, king of the Visigoths, begins conquest of Spain.
-Leo sends Basiliscus to crush Geiseric in Africa, but his Army is destroyed.
-Ricimer deposes Anthemius and installs Olybrius as western emperor, however, both die shortly after of illnesses.
-Glycerius set up as western Emperor.
-Romulus Augustulus son of Hannic general Orestes installed as the 'last Roman Emperor' Julius Nepos flees to Dalmatia.

475 BC

-Babylonian census reprots citizenry numbers over 400,00.
-Taimat Lake founded at mouth of Danube.
-Explorers discover secrets of Mysticism.
-Earthquake at Sparta.

-Battle of Plataea Greeks defect Persian Army, end of Graeco-Persian wars.
-Battle of Thermopylae: Persians defect Greeks.
-Start of second Persian War.
-The city of Eion falls. It's Persian garrison were besieged since the previous year by the Athenians led by Cimon.
-The Delian leaque is founded to drive the Persians from previously Greek holdings in Asia Minor.
-The Greeks defeat the Etruscansat Cuma.
-Warring States Period begins in China as the Zhou King became a mere figurehead, China is annexed by regional warlords.
-Xerxes invades Greece. Persian victory at Thermopilae. Greek victory at Salamis.
-Battle of Platea, Mardonis murdered.
-Greeks defeat the Persian fleet at Mycale in Asia Minor.
-Athens dominated Delian League formed to unite Greece against Persians.
-Messensian revolt.


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