Sunday, February 1, 2009

Fairytale Artifact

The fairytale that I read and analyzed was "The Juniper Tree". For this assignment, we were to create a wearable artifact that reflects the essence of our stories. The essence of my story was karma, with the cycle of cause and effect, and the saying "what goes around comes around". In the story, the stepmother kills the stepson out of jealousy and in the end, the stepson comes back and kills her. For my artifact, I decided to symbolize a few point of the story. I chose to have my artifact be a ring , which commonly symbolizes marriage and love. However, this story is dark and evil, which is why I decided to spray paint my "ring" black. The ring is also made up of many curvy, circular designs resembling the main theme of karma, with the sizes varying from finger to finger to represent the heights of events. As you can see by the underside picture, I attached all four rings into one large ring per say. This action symbolizes the attachment of events.

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