Thursday, November 12, 2009

SYTYCD : haunted house

For this "So You Think You Can('t) Draw" contest submission, we were to create a well-composed rendered elevation of the front of a spooky haunted house that we design. To go along with the drawing, we were to form a story that went along with our spooky place. I envisioned my haunted house to be a place where little trick-or-treaters found themselves going to far down the where they did not want to end up. My narrative describes the adventure the three children on the bottom of the page had on their Halloween trick-or-treating night. I provided grand, dark gates with gargoyles perching on top as my super-graphic. By drawing the three children at the base of the page, it provided distance to my drawing and also moves the viewers eyes from the children through the gates to the story to the house (the climax of the drawing). I decided to render this image using graphite instead of more complex, bold colors that markers create because I wanted to create a dramatic black and white composition and I simply wanted to experiment with pencil rendering for a change. I had a lot of fun being able to be completely creative and not have many guidelines with this project. I love how my drawing came out!

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