Thursday, November 12, 2009

case study : case study [perspective]

After weeks of collecting bits and pieces of the "case study : case study" house, I was able to put all the elements together and create a composed perspective of the space. The perspective is a combination of pen, marker and pencil. There were two ways to approach this perspective : either create the space on a basic level on Sketchup and then draw in all details or create the space from a handmade grid for perspective. I chose to take the Sketchup approach to improve both drawing and computer-based skills. After creating the basic forms on the computer, I payed close attention to detail and created a more life-like atmosphere with furnishings, decorations and home features, like the fire and wood in the fireplace. To create depth with light and shadow, I used shadowing techniques with my markers, really transforming the image. To enforce texture, I incorporated dotting techniques for my rug and used colored pencil to create a wood style for the floors. I am very pleased with the colors and techniques that I used to create my perspective of the sleek and modern space.

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