Monday, December 8, 2008


This was one of the haves of the basketball that I had casted. We did not know how well the basketballs would work, but they were perfect size and they left an interesting design imprinted on the bubble.

I decided to experiment with imprinted some ginkgo leaves into the concrete bubble, since our area was full of ginkgo leaves and the ginkgo tree was at the end of gateway. The imprinting was a success, however, in the end, we decided not to use my experiment because it did not flow with the rest of the bubbles and there would be too many patterns if we chose to replicate this one.

This is a close up of how my ginkgo leaf bubble turnout out after it hardened.

This was the result of one Saturday's hard work. In one day, I was able to cast 12 bubbles.

Here we just finished mixing a bag of concrete and we are filling the semi-circle molds with wet concrete.

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