Monday, October 6, 2008

My Project with Another Project

(Haley's project)
(my project)

For my "12 rods and 12 planes" project, I created a somewhat complex design that is different from my previous, simple designs. I began this project by just "playing" with the materials and tried to make interesting shapes. I first made the curve with the bristol paper on the skewer and then I made another idea with a bent piece of paper. After putting them side by side, the idea just came to me of putting the bent piece of paper with a skewer inside or between the curved paper and the skewer holding that curve. This then created an interesting piece, which I ended up repeating into six identical figures. From that creation, I took all the six pieces and aligned them in a unified way to create one single design.

Today, October 6, 2008, the entire first year gathered in the crit room to talk about our final projects. Through this, I was able to see fellow IAR's projects and found that my project is very different from many that were presented on the tables. In particular, my project seemed like a polar opposite of Haley Preston's creation. Haley's project was very simple, as it had each bristol paper bent in a table manner layered on top of each other with the skewers going horizontally through each paper, holding the entire design up. As the discussion proceeded, Tommy brought up the idea of music being a focal point in our projects. Our style of music, however, is very different. When one looks at Haley's creation, someone would think smooth, soft jazz as opposed to my "rocker" project. Also, my project seems to encompass a great amount of dynamic energy, where Haley's does not have much energy at all. A first glance at my project will also lead you to believe it was all improvisation, when really, there is great purpose and unity when you look at it a little longer. Unlike Haley, I chose to use complete opposites, one of Gesults theories, with a curved piece and an angle piece together as one. Our projects are alike in that we both have proximity, overlapping, a certain pattern and a sense of unity. Overall, however, my project explains the saying, "the whole is greater than the sum of the parts!"

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