Wednesday, November 25, 2009

celebrity kitchen [floor plan]

This is my floor plan for my celebrity kitchen design for client, William McDonough. The organization of space is very diverse and allows the kitchen to function in a very practical manor. The main traffic flow enters from the living room (on the bottom) and travels past my custom designed shelving unit to the right into the dining room. Or from the living room to the laundry/mudroom straight across, past the breakfast bar to the top of the drawing. None of these main paths will cross and bother the cook, which works around the inside of the "L"-shaped counter-space and the island. Originally, the plan included very narrow, standard door sizes to all of the surrounding rooms, however, I chose to expand the dining room and living room entrances to allow more of a connection between the spaces and allow for more natural light to flow from the large span of windows to the surrounding spaces. The overall layout I have created is very dynamic, diverse and functional -- the way a kitchen should be.

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