Wednesday, April 8, 2009

light + geometric forms

For this project, we were to use light as an inspiration and as a main element to our design. We were then connect light to a celebration moment of our lives and a piece of nature that we found. My celebration was of a surprise party that was thrown for me when I was twelve, which connected with my nature piece which was a small, spiky ball that fell from a tree. I feel I had accomplished the feeling of excitement and spiky form through my abstract and random triangular shapes. As light shines through all the random forms, it casts interesting shadows on the bottom surface and on the structure itself. In my project, light even creates colors: shades of brown are reflected on the shapes. I also used skewers that originally were to help as supports, but I decided to use joinery with tension. Instead, the skewers were an added feature that further complimented the randomness, visual interest and light effects, connecting all forms in a way. I was extremely pleased the way my ideas came from my head, down to paper, and then to model form. If I were to critique my own project, I would say that I was successful at what I wished to achieve: light, form and celebration.

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