Monday, February 9, 2009


Over the weekend, Suzanne left us with the "drink and draw"project. On a lovely, warm Saturday night, I, along with few of my classmates, visited Caraboo coffee and Barnes and Noble Bookstore to observe the action.

Caraboo had an overly pleasing atmosphere that made me feel as though I was in a cozy log cabin. The aroma of coffee beans filled my nose and my mind was at ease as all I heard was bits and pieces of conversation happening around me. Two couples gathered to talk, a high school girls lacrosse team trampled in and I am pretty sure there was a blind date by the window. Most voices were very faint except for one gentleman who commented to his wife, "I think she is drawing us...". That was a little awkward, I have to admit. I positioned myself in areas that I felt were most compelling of interesting where customerswere sitting. Many times, I would begin drawing a scene and my subjects would get up and leave. At first that was frustrating, but then I realized that I needed to just sketch faster, but still with care.

Caraboo counter

blind date?

After capturing two scenes in Caraboo coffee, I decided to spend sometime in Barnes and Noble Bookstore observing more behavior. I headed to the back of the store to the cafe section where I found almost every chair occupied. I thankfully found a decent spot in the edge and from where I was sitting, there was a straight line going from my right to the back left. Annie, who was sitting at the table with me was the closest, with an elderly couple behind her in two lounge chairs, followed by two girls doing homework at the bar. This environment smelled of fresh books and coffee, but was much rowdier. The conversations between the groups of people were much louder, as the couple behind Annie were discussing a novel that they both read and two gentlemen in their early twenties were trying to decide "which girl to hang out with that night". This conversation Annie and I found pretty amusing as they were returning calls and making calls to different women that they knew, trying to find the best plans for the evening. If they were not pleased with the plans, they simply said...."Oh damn, I actually just remembered I have to help Andy with something tonight. I'm sorry. Maybe tomorrow night if something is going on". Annie and I just giggled at our seats, completely in awe that they would be doing that.

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