Friday, October 24, 2008

Unity and Dialog Questions

1. How is dialog created?
-having pieces back to back
-pieces inside each other
-sense of closure
-intertwine paper
-next to each other

2. How is a sense of space/place defined?
-big enough to serve a purpose
-scale of other spaces----if you have two big, purposeful spaces and then a little "space" somewhere in the creation, the little "space" is not considered a space

3. How is the idea of system generated?
-using negative and positive spaces
-structures are systems
-sense of repetition
-"system of parts"

4. How does the joinery support the project concept/strategies?
-need joints that will hold the shape firm
-skewers set up in a way to join entire project
-skewers go through
-break skewers to join papers
-piling things together
-either sticks come together or spaces come together

5. How is scale utilized in the project?
-leading up to actual space
-scale of objects must be distinct and relate to the spaces designed

6. How do two-dimensional images add to the understanding of the project?
-defines actual spaces---where they are
-detail focuses on actual face
-pictures help see or notice what needs to change

7. How did the initial project idea evolve?
-different types of conversations --angry (confusing/complex design) VS peaceful (simple design)

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