Thursday, August 28, 2008

After visiting several sketchblogs, I found Wagonized ( to be my favorite. Immediately when I viewed Wagonized's blog, I enjoyed how France Belleville, the creater of the blog, came up with such a create title. Why she chose Wagonized, I'm not fully sure, but in my opinion, it makes the blog more personal and more interesting to begin with. I also liked the set up of the blog with the two columns on the side displaying some artwork, videos and various links. All down the middle of her blog she neatly posted a piece of artwork, the title of it, the date, and then a little description next to the piece. This setup was very organized and clear. All of the artwork that is presented is of everyday situations or items, such as a car, a pair of birkenstocks, a license plate, and a box of Teddy Grahams. These items are very simple, yet they allow people to relate more to them because they are so common. All of her drawing are very detailed and thought out, which to me is more interesting and is very impressive. I am glad I was able to view Belleville's blog as it gave me ideas of how to present my own personal blog.

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